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The other "Risk Management" in my life


In my private life I practice risk Management whenever I pursue challenging and  exciting outdoor sports activities.

I have been climbing nor for 35 years and together with my friend Raimund Moser, an excellent Tyrolean alpine climber, we have made several difficult and dangerous mountain ascents. Some of the highlights include the Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Eiger North Face (Heckmair) and “Fish” in Marmolada / Dolomites. 


Another passion of mine is hang gliding with a delta flyer as part of our “Old Man hang gliding team” -  the Unterinntaler Jochgeier. In the past I´ve been lucky not to get severely injured in several accidents, but I have been working hard to get rid of my mistakes and set effective CAPA´s (Corrective and Preventative Actions). Today, I´m a safe hang glider pilot. 


Participating in such challenging and risky outdoor activities has repeatedly shown me the importance of good people and strengthened my focus on companionship,  because you will only succeed as a team. Furthermore it pushed me to set fixed targets in my life and to strive towards them. Last but not least I have learned how to cope with and survive in really critical situations.